I've migrated my blog

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am no longer maintaining this and I've migrated the blog to my personal domain . If you would like to follow my blog kindly use my new RSS feed

About Me

"I've fell in love with programming on the very first day I've seen the computer. From there on , programming has been passion, hobby and literally everything.
I am Test Driven, committed to write Clean Code.
I am an aspiring Software Craftsman, working hard and smart to become a Better Programmer and I enjoy learning, exploring, getting hands dirty on new and advanced technologies.
I adore changes, challenges, and things which keep me engaged and pushing me to the next level. I believe there is always a scope for getting better and it has no destination.
I am fond of Knowledge sharing and mentoring
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My Arsenal

Programming Languages: C#, Javascript, Java

The Server Side: ASP.NET MVC3, Node.js

Data Store: SQL Server, Redis, MongoDb

Tools : Resharper, Powershell, SublimeText

Version Control: Mercurial, Git

Javascript Frameworks: jQuery, Backbone.js, Knockout.js, Underscore.js

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